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The Behind Your Back Podcast with Bradley Hartmann

Oct 7, 2020

In episode 154 of The Behind Your Back Podcast, Mike Wisnefski, co-founder and CEO of MaterialsXchange, joins the show. Mike discusses the (un)natural progression he made from Badger U (University of Wisconsin Madison) to professional international water skiing, to trading lumber options for Bloch Lumber in Chicago.

While an unusual path to the LBM industry, it did enable Mike to earn the insights he applies now leading MaterialsXchange (MX)—the NASDAQ of the lumber and building materials industry—enabling transparent, real-time price discovery, delivery logistics, and payment transfer. MX is touted as the digital marketplace for lumber and panels. Featured in Forbes, MX is described as bringing the lumber industry into the digital age.

Mike and host Bradley Hartmann candidly address who stands to gain—and lose—from their new technology and why now is the time for a platform like MX (earlier ventures similar in size and scope have failed) to succeed.  


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